Thursday, April 16, 2009


Some Random Stuff

I tell ya, that little girl of mine is too cute.

Easter Sunday, The Squeeze and I picked up the kids and headed to my brother and sister-in-law's place for lunch with the family. Upon entering the house, Brynn hawk-eyed in on some foil wrapped chocolate eggs that were "hidden" behind the couch in the living room. She drew in a gasp and began scooping up the goods. Then she saw more under the table, and on the window ledge, and by the TV, and around the piano, and by the lamp. She was scooping up chocolate like nobody's business. Zoe just stood by, looking at everyone while Brynn lost her mind.

As people milled about and found their way into the kitchen, dining room or family room, Brynn and I found ourselves alone in the living room for a moment. She walked up to the ceramic bunny bowl on the end table, brought her face in line with the bunny's and said "Thank you." That just melted my heart. To witness the sweetness, the innocence and the kindness of those words...I just can't tell you what I felt inside.

And now for something completely different....

Yesterday I had an elderly couple come into my shop to have an old wedding picture framed. I believe it was the woman's parents or grandparents in the photo, I don't recall which. At one point another client came in to pick something up and asked "Oh, is that your wedding picture?". If I were them, I'd be quite insulted. "Just how old do you think we are?" I'd ask. But they didn't seem bothered.

Obviously the photo was black & white, gray tones to be precise, so I was sorting through some gray mats to compliment the photo. They didn't like the gray, they wanted black. OK, no problem. A bit harsh and heavy for the piece, but it's not hanging on my wall. Then she asked for a metal frame. Again, not what I would pick. She wound up choosing a black metal frame with silver stripes. A little busy for my taste, but like I said...

After entering everything into the system, they got up and started to leave the store when the husband asked me the price of a framed nude sketch. As I looked at our stock list for the price, his wife really seemed to want to rush him out of the place. "What do you want with that picture? You don't know the lady." I gave him the price and they left.

I walked around the table to put the frame sample back on the wall and that's when I saw it.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Poppy peed on Jerry's couch? That's right. The chair he was sitting on had a big wet spot. I'm thinking that's why the wife was trying to rush him out of there. She must have noticed it, or perhaps noticed that his pants were wet.

I spent the next hour or so blotting, diluting with water, blotting, diluting, blotting, spraying with Lysol, diluting, blotting. Out, out, damned spot! Out I say!

The fun never ends here.

Unbelievable. You'd think that if you knew you had a problem of that type that you'd buy some Depends and wear them! I mean, they have to come back and pick up the picture, right? So they will see you again.

Brynn is so cute! Thanking the Easter Bunny for her candy.
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