Friday, May 30, 2008


Brush With The Black Creature

Yesterday I was telling the business partner about The Black Creature, and he came up with a few theories. Perhaps s/he is homeless, disfigured, Muslim. No idea. Shortly after we had our discussion, BP had to head over to a client's place with a huge piece that wouldn't fit in a car. Luckily the client lives just a couple of blocks from the shop, so he headed out the door and started to walk there. As soon as I saw him cross the road, I saw The Black Creature just a few doors away, heading the same direction BP was travelling. I immediately grabbed the phone and called his cell. After a few rings he answered.
"Look out! The Grim Reaper is behind you!!!" I said.
"Look behind you."
Then I heard a gasp and he quietly chuckled into the phone, "Oh my God!"
"See what I mean? It looks like the grim reaper."
"I think it's a woman", he said after she had passed him.
She pulled her hood down further and turned her head so he couldn't see her face as she got closer. She still had her wheeled luggage, but she also carried another bag. All black.
Perhaps I'm obsessing, but I'm thinking of hanging out in the parking lot on my day off and tracking her to see if I can find another piece of this puzzle. OK, ya, that even sounds weird to me. Who's the strange one, eh?

I wouldn't call you strange...curious is more like it.
What an experience to wear those.
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